Our Materials

At Gumbies we try to design and develop products which utilise natural or recycled materials where possible. Our range of Flip-Flops, Sliders, Slippers and Shoes all have unique elements to them. Scroll down to see more information.



We use Cork sourced from Portugal (one of the worlds largest producers. Cork is a sustainable material where to bark from the tree is striped from the tree every 10 years. The tree then regrows this over time.

Cork is one of the main materials used in our Corker Flip-Flops



Recycled rubber is used in most of products and is the main materials in the soles of flip-flops, slippers and shoes. Rubber is ground up removing the nylon and steel which is recycled and then is remoulded. 

Islander Flip-Flops, Corker Flip-Flops, Duckbill Flip-Flops, Outback Slippers



We use recycled textile in many ways at Gumbies. One of our main uses is in the canvas upper on our Ozpadrille and Deck Mate shoes. The other main use is in our straps for our Islander flip-flops and Corker flip-flops which uses salvaged cotton for strength,



Recycled plastic derived from post consumer plastic bottles are used in our Outback Slippers. The upper on these use 100% recycled PET felt made from bottles. Another product which uses recycled plastic is our Duckbill flip-flops which use PET in the straps.


Algae Foam


Castor Beans